Eye doctors warn about new condition caused by wearing mask

RALEIGH, N.C. — Eye doctors are warning about a condition they said they see more often, and it’s caused by wearing a mask. It’s called Mask-Association Dry Eye or “MADE,” WTVD reported.

Experts from the Centre for Oscular Research and Education are warning about the condition.

One optometrist explained what her patients are experiencing.

“People complaining about a sandy, gritty sensation, a burning sensation, red eyes, tearing, sometime bury vision,” said Dr. Amorette Hanna, who works at Stonehenge, told WTVD.

Those symptoms apparently occur when a cloth mask doesn’t really hug the skin, creating a gap. Then when someone exhales, air goes up through the opening and dries out their eyes.

That optometrist suggested getting a mask with a little wire so people can make sure it fits snugly around the nose and doesn’t leave that gap.

If people are experiencing these symptoms, they said it’s important that people also start using eye drops once they take the mask off.