Family awaits closure 3 years after woman's mysterious death

OAKBORO, N.C. — Three years after the mysterious death of a Stanly County woman, her family is still awaiting closure.

Family members and friends gathered Tuesday around the grave of Amy Boger and opened up only to Eyewitness News anchor Liz Foster.

“I have seen so many tears shed over this,” said Boger’s cousin, Jeff Branch.

The Stanly County mother was found inside her home from a single gunshot, on Feb. 5, 2016. Three years later, the Stanly County Sheriff's Office still has not ruled her death a homicide or a suicide.

Her family has always said it does not believe Boger took her own life.


“There’s no way,” Branch said. “Amy loved her children. Her mother was still living at the time.”

Branch told Channel 9 the family has new hope. A new sheriff, with a new investigative team, has inherited the case.

“I made a promise to the family that we would go back through the entire case to make sure all the t's were crossed and i's were dotted,” Sheriff Jeff Crisco said.

Crisco said his detectives are in the process of reviewing the case now. One challenge, he said, is whether people interviewed in the case are still in the area or alive.

The first officer who arrived at Boger's house after the 911 call was her uncle, Joe Lowder, who was, at the time, Oakboro's police chief. He passed away in August, never seeing the closure he'd been hoping for in her case.

Other family members are clinging to hope they will get the answers they've been waiting so long for.

“I just want to get some closure for our family,” Branch said.

Investigators have told Foster the last person to see Boger alive was her estranged husband, who used to be Oakboro's police chief. Boger's family has had no contact with him since her death.

No one has been charged in connection to Boger's death. The case is still considered an open and active investigation. The Sheriff's Office called in experts from North Carolina's State Bureau of Investigation, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the FBI.

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