Family claims man accused of poisoning wife used insurance money to live lavish lifestyle

GASTONIA, N.C. — Family members suspect a man accused of killing a woman lived a luxurious lifestyle using her life insurance money.

[Mount Holly man charged with murdering wife bonds out of jail]

Joshua Hunsucker is accused of killing his wife, Stacy Hunsucker, with eye drops

Channel 9's Ken Lemon learned her family is suing for her $250,000 life insurance policy.

The attorney for Stacy Hunsucker's family said if they win in court, all of the money will go to the 5- and 6—year-old children, but they have to determine how much money is left.

They fear that Hunsucker spent the money on lavish trips with his new girlfriend and an expensive boat, which was a judge’s concern.

Resident Superior Court Judge Jesse Caldwell said he heard claims that Hunsucker, who got out on bond the day before Christmas, moved some of the items that he may have been purchased with the insurance money.

One of the items is the boat, which is worth $80,000 to $100,000

Caldwell told Hunsucker's attorney to deliver a warning in the strongest possible terms to not try hiding the items, or he will go back to jail.

"You make clear to him everything I said," Caldwell said.

Hunsucker, who is a former Atrium Health paramedic, poisoned his wife by putting eye drops in her drinks for weeks, according to investigators.

The toxic ingredients killed her in September 2018 and investigators said he had her cremated to conceal the crime. A vial of her tissue discovered months later indicated she was poisoned.

A wrongful death suit filed by Stacy Hunsucker's parents said Hunsucker planned to murder his wife and moved a woman who he had an affair with into their home.

The suit claims the two went on multiple expensive vacations following Stacy Hunsucker’s death.

Hunsucker's attorney told the judge the boat was moved so it wouldn't be stolen.

"He is no longer going to be living there,” defense attorney David Teddy said. “He did take some personal items, so he can take up residence in another location."

Hunsucker has a month and a half to produce a list of items believed to be purchased with the life insurance money and reveal how much is left.

The court will then hear claims for the wrongful death suit.

Meanwhile, an investigator for the state went before a grand jury Monday in Gastonia asking them to indict him for murder.

In November, he was on an Atrium Health medivac helicopter that was forced to make an emergency landing in east Charlotte because of a fire on board.

The cause of the fire is not known.

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