Family closes BBQ joint after 60 years of business

CHARLOTTE — After being in business for nearly 60 years, Old Hickory House Barbeque is shutting its doors.

Owners said construction on the Blue Line has kept customers away from the area.

Since 1957 the North Tryon restaurant has served some of the best food in town, says 20-year customer Tommy Evans.

"We don't have a lot of barbecue places around here and it's really good. The food is really good," Evans said.

Business has been booming since two weeks ago when the owners announced they would be closing their doors. They said prior to that it was painfully slow. They had considered closing, but the Lynx Blue Line expansion put the nail in the coffin.

Betty Hilliard has worked at the restaurant for 17 years. She said she would hold off the tears as long as they can come closing time.

"Hopefully we can all keep in touch and just stay close because that's what we need to do, we're family," Hilliard said.

The owners have not said what is next, but hinted Charlotte has not seen the last of their brand of barbeque.

They believe once the Blue Line extension is complete their property will again be in prime location.