Family says Ardrey Kell HS grad Cedric Gray ‘took to football like oh, my Lord’

CHARLOTTE — Cedric Gray has battled against the very best in college football, and finished his career as one of them.

But before he could ever earn his stripes at the University of North Carolina, his brother made sure he first earned them at home.

The former Ardrey Kell receiver turned linebacker described those early battles in his family’s backyard. There, he faced off against his older brothers.

“Oh, God. They were rough for me, especially when we were younger,” Cedric Gray said.

“I actually have a funny story. I have a permanent scar on my hand from when we were playing basketball,” he said. “Basically every man for themselves. I was about to win and they didn’t take that too well.”

“I’ve got him by nine years, so I used to beat him up,” joked his older brother, Devon Gray. “I still can beat him a little bit -- don’t tell him I said that!”

>> In the video at the top of the page, Cedric Gray’s family describes his journey from the backyard to the NFL draft.

(WATCH: Big 22 Player: Cedric Gray)

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