• Family says someone fired shots at truck that flew Confederate flag

    By: Ken Lemon


    GASTON COUNTY, N.C. - A Gastonia family has removed a Confederate flag from their truck after they said someone fired half a dozen gunshots at them this weekend.

    The shooting happened Saturday night and bullets narrowly missed a passenger's head.
    The family showed Eyewitness News reporter Ken Lemon the damage and told him they believe they were targeted.

    The father of two, who did not want to be identified, took it down and told Lemon it's not worth flying anymore.

    911 CALL: Man with Confederate flag on truck shot at

    The man said three men who saw his flag fired shots into the SUV at the Greenview Meadows apartments.

    One bullet went through the driver's side door and into the seat just below his fiancée. Another hit the frame of the windshield inches from his head.
    Another of the shots went into Jasmine Ford's room.

    911 CALL: Shots fired into woman's bedroom

    "I could have been shot,” Ford said.

    There were other family members home, but nobody was close to where the bullet went in. The apartment complex is right behind Ford’s house with American flags on the front porch.

    "It's crazy because you could have lost lives over a flag,” Ford said.

    She showed Channel 9 how the bullet went into her window over the bed where she lay and lodged into wall across the room.
    The two victims from different backgrounds and different ethnicities now see the flap over the flag the same way. They said it has gone too far.

    "It's is just a piece of fabric. If you want to wear it that's your right,” Ford said.

    The case now goes to a detective to find the person responsible for the shooting as the couple in the car and the family in this home.  


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