FCC: Embattled realty company, MV Realty, used robocalls to target homeowners

CHARLOTTE — MV Realty is already facing lawsuits and investigations into its business for allegedly “swindling” homeowners into contracts, but now the Federal Communications Commission is stepping into the picture.

The FCC is the latest government agency to take on MV Realty amid Action 9′s investigation into their deals. According to the FCC, MV Realty used at least two telecommunications companies to “flood homeowners with robocalls with misleading claims about mortgages.”

Action 9 has been following the investigations into MV Realty for months. The company would offer homeowners fast cash in exchange for the exclusive rights to sell their homes for 40 years.


Many homeowners say they didn’t know what they were committing to, and when they broke the deal, the company took legal action in many cases.

Now, the FCC says it’s ordering companies to make sure robocalls from MV Realty don’t make it to consumers.

Attorney Generals in Florida, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania are suing MV Realty. Action 9 asked North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein if he plans to sue. “We’re aware of this company and its practices and we’re investigating the matter and, at this point, that’s all I can say,” Stein said.

On Feb. 15, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost confirmed the state was filing an injunction against MV Realty, along with “the company’s founder and its principal broker to stop them from negotiating real estate contracts that violate Ohio law & from practicing real estate without proper licensing.”

MV Realty has declined multiple requests for on-camera interviews. The company has instead emailed statements saying the terms of its agreements are clearly explained and that the company is confident “any inquiry will confirm [its] team has operated in full compliance with the law.”

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