Fire forces dozens out of north Charlotte hotel

CHARLOTTE — Help is on the way for dozens of people who were suddenly forced out of a north Charlotte hotel.

A Charlotte Fire Department spokesperson said a small fire at the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel near W.T. Harris Boulevard set off the sprinklers Monday afternoon.

The electrical outlets were soaked, so Duke Energy had to cut power to the building.

No power means no fire protection, which makes the building unsafe for tenants, fire officials said.

The fire department says it’s up to the building manager to ensure the electrical areas are dried out before Duke Energy can turn the power back on.

Families told Channel 9 that they’re frustrated since some say they pre-paid to stay there over next few weeks.

“I come back, there is no power,” said tenant Latoria Neal. “They’re telling us we can’t get our money back. They’re not going to accommodate us.”

Red Cross is not being deployed because the hotel is a private business with insurance coverage. It’s up to management and it’s insurance company to provide a place for tenants.

There were no reported injuries in the fire.

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