Ford now offering repair for the so-called ‘death wobble’

Ford is sending many customers a letter which says if your truck has “sustained steering wheel oscillation after hitting rough pavement or an expansion joint at speeds typically above 45 mph,” bring it to the dealer and it will replace the steering linkage damper for free.

Ford says it takes about half a day. Plus, the company is extending the warranty.

This is not a recall. Ford hasn’t issued any recalls for the so-called “Death Wobble.”

People are talking about this fix on Facebook. One wrote, “Fingers crossed.” Another posted, “I took it in as well, really hoping it works, but not 100% confident.”

Melissa Salas, who lives in Texas, told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke she experienced the issue, and that she hopes the repair works.

“I hope it will, but what I read on the Facebook posts is that it’s only a Band-Aid and it’s going to work for a little while,” she said.

But there is cause for optimism.

A Mooresville man messaged Stoogenke he took his truck in and that it’s “good as new.” Another person posted on social media, “Got the fix ... no problems.” And a woman in Minnesota emailed Stoogenke, “So far, we feel the fix has worked. But time will tell ... but so far so good.”