• Malcolm Graham files paperwork in Congressional District 12 race


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Filing for North Carolina's Congressional District 12 started Wednesday and Channel 9 caught up with former senator Malcolm Graham Thursday after he left the Board of Elections to file his paperwork.

    Graham said he will drive to Raleigh Friday to deliver that paperwork and get on the ballot.

    “It’s the only issue on the ballot that day,” said Graham. “In the middle of summer, high school graduations, so we have to make an effort to inform voters to go out and vote.”

    Because of the legal battle over the district lines there will have to be a special election on June 7 for District 12.

    It's important, because the Democrat who wins the primary will almost certainly go on to be elected in the heavily Democratic district.
    State Rep. Rodney Moore plans to run, but because the judges could once again change the district lines, he's waiting to see what happens. State Rep. Tricia Cotham, is also waiting. 
     “I just would like to have that final decision, so we all know what we are dealing with, but no one can predict the court,” Cotham said.
    University of North Carolina at Charlotte political science professor Eric Heberlig said it all adds up to a very unusual election filing period.
    “The uncertainty over the lines throws a pall over everything, because candidates want to know who the voters are that they need to talk to, where there base is, and they can’t figure that out when they don’t know what the district looks like,” Heberlig said.

    Alma Adams is running for re-election in District 12, which now covers only Mecklenburg County -- it used to run along Interstate 85 all the way from Charlotte to Greensboro.

    She said she will move to the county.

    The state had to redraw the maps because a judge ruled current districts were unconstitutional. He ruled they were drawn based on race.

    Lawmakers redrew the districts, but groups like the NAACP says they're still unfair.

    Judges are considering a push to redraw the district lines yet again and that’s leaving a lot up in the air as candidates begin to file.

    Channel 9 is taking a look at who else is planning to run, or considering it, and how the judges’ decision may affect who's in the race, on Eyewitness News at 5 p.m.

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