Popularity, overcrowding forcing Fort Mill to rezone schools

FORT MILL, S.C. — The Fort Mill school district said it will have to rezone schools due to overcrowding since the area has become so popular.

The district said it’s gaining an average of 1,000 students a year and several schools have already hit capacity and others are on an enrollment freeze.

“That’s very challenging to have so many kids in a classroom when some of them they can’t tie their shoes yet,” said parent Christine Dayton.

The district is already building two elementary schools, Kings Town Elementary just south of Tega Cay and River Trail Elementary in south Fort Mill. A middle school is also on its way south of Fort Mill.

“Which is a great thing but obviously people need to move around to those schools,” said Dayton.

The school district is asking parents for their feedback before they move forward with the rezoning plan.

“If in one community, half the children go to one school and half go to another that does remove that neighborhood/school feel for their experience,” said Dayton.

Parents have until Thursday, Oct. 17, to give their input to the school district. The school board plans to vote on their final decision Nov. 5.

Find more information on the rezoning plan here.