Founder of Charlotte startup Tucky talks reeling in ‘Shark Tank’ deal

The local founder behind startup Tucky recently stepped into the “Shark Tank” prepared to make her product and pitch shine. She did just that, ultimately striking a deal with a shark she’d hoped to reel in.

Brooke Knaus, founder of Charlotte-based Tucky, appeared on the hit ABC show May 19, where she pitched to investors Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John and Mark Cuban.

She received the same offers from O’Leary and John, $70,000 for a 40% equity share. She decided to partner with John and reeled him in with a counter that brought his stake in Tucky to 39%. Knaus said it may have been the smallest negotiation in the history of “Shark Tank,” but she couldn’t lose the opportunity to work with John because of his prominence in the fashion industry.

“You see so often sharks pull an offer fast if an entrepreneur negotiates too low. I went in really, really low knowing I wanted a shark more than anything,” she told CBJ. “I wanted to be desirable. And when I got Daymond off the hook, I was like ‘I’m not letting him go.’ I didn’t want to give him a good reason to say no.”

Sales soared after Knaus’ appearance on the show, with the product — an elastic, wardrobe-adjusting accessory for tucking in or cropping tops — selling out in just 12 hours after her segment aired.

Knaus talked with CBJ about her experience on the show and what comes next. Read the full story here.