Frank Reich’s sons-in-law say they root for him over everything

CHARLOTTE — The men who married two of Carolina Panthers head coach Frank Reich’s daughters already had ties to the Carolinas before their marriages.

Andrew Fairman is a self-proclaimed unicorn of Charlotte. He was born and raised in the Queen City and was essentially baptized in Panthers football.

“It was kind of nice to have an in to lean on and be like ‘alright, how do we factor in our home team’ with, like you said, being fans of Frank and the Reich family as a whole,” Fairman said.

Thomas Brown grew up in the Carolinas. He’s been a Panthers fan since the very beginning and fondly recalls memories of the team’s inaugural season.

But when you marry a Reich, you have to root for a Reich.

“What I’ve learned over the years is I’m really a Frank fan more importantly than anything,” Brown said. “Being a part of these different organizations, and it always comes back to just rooting for him and his success.”

>> In the video at the top of the page, the Reich daughters’ husbands explain why the family is so special to them.

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