Friends, family of teen killed at Monroe motel hold protest saying situation was preventable

MONROE, N.C. — Just a week after a teenager was shot and killed at a Red Roof Inn in Monroe, friends and family gathered outside the motel to push for change.

Anthony Delts was shot and killed while staying at the motel on July 1.

Residents told Channel 9 a party was going on in one of the rooms on the night of the shooting, with multiple minors involved. Delts’ family is pushing for the motel to close. They believe if the motel had stopped the minors from coming in, the shooting wouldn’t have happened.

Delts’ mother told Channel 9 her son’s life didn’t deserve to be cut so short and so violently.

“He didn’t deserve for his life to be taken away from him,” Delts’ mother said. “He deserved to get his first job, his license, to make me a grandma, and he’s never going to do that.”

Motel management told Channel 9 when the shooting happened that residents were not allowed to have guests as it was a violation of motel rules. We reached back out to the Red Roof Inn for comment on the protest, and they referred us to the police department.

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