Frito-Lay unveils 100% electric vehicle fleet at Charlotte depot

CHARLOTTE — Frito-Lay is trading in flaming hot gas engines for electric vehicles at one of it’s Charlotte facilities.

The company on Tuesday unveiled its first 100% electric vehicle site at its South Charlotte Product Exchange Center.

There are 28 fully electric vehicles that will come and go from the depot near Westinghouse Boulevard, and you’ll be able to see them when they drop off fresh snacks at retail stores, gas stations, and other locations.

Charlotte-based Atom Power helped install the charging infrastructure there.

“It was exactly what they needed for this depot,” said Atom Power CEO Ryan Kennedy. “It was highly reliable charging infrastructure and large-scale energy management, and that’s what we do, fundamentally, as a company.”

Frito-Lay says the facility’s fleet drives about 800 miles a day on average.

The Charlotte fleet is Frito-Lay’s first all-electric outfit in the country, but it’s part of the company’s mission toe achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.

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