Gaston Co. leaders OK "In God We Trust" courthouse engraving

GASTONIA, N.C. — The words "In God We Trust' will go up on the Gaston County Courthouse after commissioners passed the resolution Tuesday night.
One hand was raised in the courthouse when commissioners asked if there was anyone opposed to the proposal.

PAST ARTICLE: Gaston Co. commissioners to consider placing ‘In God We Trust’ on courthouse

"I wanted to make sure it was understood that I felt differently," Jared Frick said.
Commissioners ultimately decided to pass a resolution to allow the phrase to be displayed above the courthouse entrance.

Frick made it clear he was against the idea.

"Why would anybody want to cram their religion down on other people?" Frick said.

Commissioner Tracy Philbeck, who is also a preacher, said it's not about religion, but rather it's our nation's history.
"It is the nation's motto, it really compelled me to take it a step further and support it," Philbeck said.
"It is history, but we also have a history of separation of church and state," Frick said.
Congress made the phrase the national motto 60 years ago, and federal courts have already upheld Davidson County's effort to put the words on public buildings.
County officials said a sign company volunteered to do the engraving and no county money will be used for it.

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