Gaston County school kicks rising senior out for where she performs

CRAMERTON, N.C. — A high schooler and musician in Gaston County is upset after her school said she can’t return to class because of where she performs.

“Just so excited to, you know, just do all the small things that seniors do,” Bailey Griggs said.

Like any rising high school senior, Griggs was looking forward to all of the special moments with her friends during her last year at Cramerton Christian Academy.

“Whenever we ended school, I had every right to think that I was going back there,” she said.

But that thought changed after Bailey’s mom, Jennifer Griggs, received an email from the school last week.

“The email just said she wasn’t allowed back at the school. And they gave the reasons,” she said.

Bailey is a musician and her talents have landed her on stages all across the Queen City, from Amos’ in South End to her most recent performance at Goldie’s in June.

But her school said where she’s performing is a problem. The private school stated in an email that “attending night clubs or bars” and “attending gatherings with alcohol or drugs present” indicates Cramerton Christian is no longer a good fit for Bailey’s goals.

“When you look at the handbook and the way it’s written, it says that she’s not to be gathering in places where there’s alcohol and drugs. And she’s not gathering, she’s doing her job,” her mom said.

“I’m the performer and I’m not drinking. I’m underage,” Bailey said.

Jennifer said they didn’t receive any warning from the school ahead of the email, which is why she believes Bailey was singled out.

“The other kids in the school, there’s posts — many, many posts of them attending music concerts,” her mom said.

“And if anybody knows when you go to those concerts, [you] are surrounded by alcohol.”

Bailey said it’s not just about her senior year getting ripped away, but it’s the principle of the matter.

“Yeah, rules are rules, but make sure you’re making everybody abide by those rules and not just some people,” Bailey said.

Bailey said while this situation tugged at her heartstrings, the strings of her guitar are helping her push through.

“A lot of people have reached out saying that they still support me and that I should still follow my dreams and stuff,” she said.

Channel 9′s Almiya White reached out to the school for a statement. Administrators responded saying the school holds very high standards for students to abide by, adding it does not enroll students who do not meet those standards.

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Almiya White

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