Gloria Satterfield’s attorneys respond to Alex Murdaugh’s story on her death

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Attorneys for Gloria Satterfield, the former housekeeper for Alex Murdaugh, fired back at him on Monday, Channel 9′s affiliate, WCIV, is reporting.

Murdaugh responded last week to a lawsuit from Nautilus Insurance, claiming Satterfield did not trip and fall because of the family dogs.

Attorneys for the Satterfields believe Murdaugh is wrongfully trying to involve the Satterfields in the Nautilus case, according to WCIV. Ronnie Richter, an attorney for the family, says the lawsuit is an attack and will not be ignored.

Nautilus is suing Murdaugh for $3.8 million. That’s money they say should’ve gone to the Satterfields but didn’t because it was stolen. The Satterfield family received some money last year they were owed from six parties, not including Alex Murdaugh.

“Legally and factually, they are 100 percent wrong. We recovered $7.5 million from sources other than Nautilus insurance. Nautilus has never paid 1 cent to the Satterfields,” said Eric Bland, attorney for the Satterfields.

Bland said Murdaugh is trying to keep the $3.8 million, WCIV reports.

Insurance companies investigated Gloria’s death in 2018. They ended up coming on a conclusion of how much needed to paid to her estate. They interviewed Murdaugh, who said Gloria told him the dogs were involved in the fall.

Murdaugh is now saying that is not true and he isn’t liable for her death, WCIV says.

“It’s more spin by him. He doesn’t tell you where the money went, $3.8 million. He doesn’t tell you how Gloria died,” Bland said.

Bland said a new investigation into Gloria’s death or exhumation won’t help her family get answers. He said they are aware of how she died and her injuries are well documented.

Attorneys believe there could be more to their case.

“So legally, technically we never got $3.8 million from Nautilus. You may say we were made whole by other recoveries we don’t think that’s true we think the Satterfield’s claims are worth well in excess,” Richter said.

WCIV reached out to a representative for Murdaugh’s attorney for a response and have not heard back.

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