‘A great feeling’: West Charlotte HS band seniors given full-tuition scholarships

CHARLOTTE — Think back to your senior year of high school. You were counting down the days until graduation, but your parents may have been adding up their future tuition checks.

For a talented group of seniors at West Charlotte High School, paying for college is one thing they won’t have to worry about.

A total of 11 seniors from West Charlotte’s band were given full-ride scholarships to Morgan State University in Baltimore. For band director Adam Sobers, this opportunity for his students is music to his ears.

“It makes me just realize what I do is really worthwhile,” Sobers told Channel 9′s Deneige Broom. “That sounds really cliché and corny, but really and truly, as an educator, especially in today’s climate, those are the things that keep you coming back.”

Sobers has been West Charlotte High School’s band director for the past seven years and told Broom that his musicians get scholarship offers every single year, which is a big deal as many students at the school are the first in their families to pursue higher education.

This year is the first time all graduating seniors in the band class have been given this great of a reward that sets them up for success later in life. Broom spoke with senior Jaqourian Miller, who is not only excited about having school paid for but that his musical abilities were recognized too.

“Obviously, getting school paid for means you don’t have to take out loans, and having my band capabilities be noticed is a great feeling,” Miller said.

Being noticed by Morgan State is huge for these seniors. As an HBCU, the band is just as important as the athletes on the field. Vivienne Steele, another band senior, shared her future and impressive plans with Broom.

“I know that if I want to be a neurosurgeon, I’ll be going to school for quite a while, and having full tuition paid off is just taking pressure off of me and allowing me to focus on my studies,” Steele said.

Elliot Davis, another scholarship recipient, plans to keep music at the forefront of his life by becoming a professional musician or a music teacher like his role model, Mr. Sobers.

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