Grieving father says it's a problem neither Carolina has motocross safety laws

ANSON COUNTY, N.C. — An Anson County father is still reeling from a devastating tragedy.

His 13-year-old son, Patrick, died right in front of him at a dirt bike track in Chesterfield County four years ago.

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On Sunday Dec. 21, 2014, Edgar Terry took Patrick to church and then to ClubMX to ride his motorcycle.

At the time, Terry didn’t know it would be his son's first and last time on a motocross track.

"I was watching him the entire time.  I was walking along the edge of the track, keeping my eye on him," Terry told Action 9.  "And, all of sudden, out of nowhere comes this motorcycle and it landed on his back."

Terry said his son went straight to the ground.  "When I first got there, he was in shock," Terry said.  "And I told him, I said, 'Lay your head down because I'm right here with you.'  I told him, I said, 'Just lay, lay there.'"

"Shortly after that," Terry said.  "He lost conscious[ness]."

Terry is suing ClubMX, so track officials said they cannot comment right now.

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The father told Action 9 that Patrick loved his church, was an honor roll student and had many friends. "His funeral services, they had over 300 people there," he said.

An incident like this has happened in the Charlotte area before.

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In 2007, 5-year-old Cody Fidler was killed in Cleveland County when again, a bigger bike landed on a beginner.

There are no safety laws regulating the motocross industry in North or South Carolina.

Terry said lawmakers need to change that before another child dies.  "Whenever you have lives that are in danger that could be protected and there's nothing there -- no rules, laws, regulations -- then I have problem with that," he said.

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Right now, it's up to each track's owner to regulate safety.

"You can ask any of my members.  That's all I care about. Safety," Darrell Warwick told Action 9.

Warwick owns Dirt City USA in Polkton.  He has his own safety rules, but, legally, doesn’t have to.  "If they ever come up with them, we'll abide by them," he said.

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Action 9's Jason Stoogenke shared what he found with lawmakers right after his report aired. Months later, he learned North Carolina lawmakers are considering a bill involving the motocross industry.

Senate Bill 193 would require all motocross tracks to carry insurance of at least $1 million.

A few lawmakers sponsoring the legislation are from the Charlotte area, including two Mecklenburg County Democrats and an Anson County Republican.

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