Half-built Panthers facility in Rock Hill to be torn down for new project

ROCK HILL, S.C. — The half-built failed Carolina Panthers practice facility in Rock Hill appears to have met its fate.

There are new plans to eventually tear down the failed facility in Rock Hill, Channel 9 learned Monday. The city owns all 245-acres of what has been branded as the “Rock Hill Overlook” just off Interstate 77.

Both the city and York County settled with David Tepper’s real estate company, GT Real Estate Holdings, for $21 million dollars, which will go toward a new construction site project on the same site.

According to a property listing with real estate firm Colliers International, options for the site include retail and office space.

Neighbor Jeff Haley wants whatever is built next to be community focused.

“I think it would more align with something, like a community center or something to help the community in a positive way,” Haley said.


Bryan Johnson of Colliers International told Channel 9 the city is focused on brining more jobs to the area.

“This can really be that big employment center where people can go live, eat, work, and really have a full year-round use of this site with the highest ability that it really has,” Collins said.

There is no current price listed for the site. The thinking is to ramp up offers and present them to the city over the next year.

One thing the city does not want as a project is high-density housing. However, one neighbor thinks a housing project wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“It is hard to find housing, a place to rent, a place to stay, people buying houses,” Christy Edenburn said.

Whatever the land ends up being used for, Haley hopes the city will ask for input.

“I think the community should have a say in it, and kind of be voted on in some sort of way,” Haley said.

(WATCH BELOW: SCDOT’s top official considering using grant money to pay for roads around failed Panthers site)