‘He fought him off’: Charlotte 10-year-old recovering after dog attack

CHARLOTTE — A young boy spent hours in surgery on Thursday, the day after he was viscously attacked by a dog in east Charlotte.

Jeanetta and Eddie Blackmon said some neighbors invited their 10-year-old son, Keyan’te, to pet a pit bull at a home on Grandview Ridge, near Albemarle Road. Once the dog became aggressive, the Blackmons said Keyan’te tried to run away, but the animal’s chain was too long.

“The dog was able to grab him,” said Jeanetta Blackmon. “It was about a four-minute attack, but he fought him off.”

Using his backpack as a weapon, Jeanetta said Keyan’te finally got away, but the dog had bitten his face badly.

“He ran in the house and he had blood all over him,” she told Channel 9. “He said, ‘Mama, take me to the hospital, take me to the hospital because I don’t want to die.’”

Doctors at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte worked on Keyan’te’s face Thursday morning.

10-year-old Keyan'te Blackmon in the hospital following a dog attack on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

“We’re hoping they can just repair his face and he still has all of his senses,” said Jeanetta Blackmon.

The parents do not believe all pit bulls are dangerous but they don’t want this particular dog to hurt anybody else. They are trying to support their son as best they can.

“He is still up in spirits. He’s still wanting to do the same activities as he was doing before this,” said Eddie Blackmon. “It hasn’t gotten him down, so I am very proud of my son.”

Channel 9 learned that the owner of the pit bull surrendered the dog to Animal Control, where it will be quarantined for 10 days. It’s unclear if the owner will also face charges.

“Don’t pet anyone’s dog,” said Jeanetta Blackmon. “Even if someone says, ‘My dog doesn’t bite.’ Don’t pet anyone’s dog at all.”

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