Red Robin says employee fired after reports of edibles found in customer’s to-go orders

CHARLOTTE — Red Robin said Friday that it has fired an employee after receiving reports of customers finding possible drug-laced treats in their to-go bags.

This comes a day after we reported that a Channel 9 employee said he ordered food twice from the Red Robin restaurant Wednesday and discovered Rice Krispies and Fruit Loop treats in his bag with a card advertising edibles. He said he almost gave it to his child.

On Friday, two more customers told reporter Anthony Kustura that the same thing happened to them.

One woman said she ordered from the restaurant along Kenbrooke Drive in University City Wednesday night and that she and her daughters got an unwelcomed treat in their to-go bag.

“I said, ‘Oh, I didn’t know you ordered a dessert or something,’ and she said, ‘I didn’t,’” the woman said.

She said the item resembled a Rice Krispies treat, along with a card promoting “Kellz Sweet Treets: The Incredible Edible.”

“It was a shock to realize the person was that bold to give their card, put their face out there,” the woman said.

The treat is similar to what the Channel 9 employee said he received from the same location on the same day. Another viewer sent us a photo saying she got the gummy candy with the same business card, also on Wednesday.

The Twitter account listed on the business card was taken down after our story aired, but video showed what’s described as “infused Sour Patch Kids.”

It’s all very concerning for this once-regular customer.

“I’m just concerned for children that may get it, especially,” the woman said.

She believe the man pictured on the card is the same man who brought her order to her car. It’s not clear whether any of the treats actually contain drugs.

In the meantime, the woman is warning everyone to be vigilant about their food.

“(Check) that there’s nothing additional that you didn’t order, for sure,” the woman said.

Channel 9 also learned Friday that the Mecklenburg County Health Department visited a Red Robin in University City, where customers said they received the unwanted treats. A spokesperson said they did a walk-through of the facility and didn’t find any items from an unapproved source.

The Channel 9 employee who first brought this to our attention said he also get an email from Red Robin Friday, saying his concerns have been referred to the relevant people.

Full statement from Red Robin:

“Thank you for making us aware of this matter. We addressed internally and put an immediate stop to it. This was not done with our knowledge and the team member involved is no longer employed by us.”

Full statement from the Mecklenburg County Health Department:

“Mecklenburg County Environmental Health completed a site visit after being notified of possible edibles in takeout bags at the Red Robin located at 8304 Kenbrooke Rd. A complete walk through of the facility was conducted and all food items were FDA/USDA approved, no food items from any unapproved sources were found. The NC DHHS Environmental Health Section and NC Department of Agriculture were notified and provided this complaint for further consideration.”

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