‘A Christmas miracle’: HOA backs down, allows SC family to keep decorations up

CHARLESTON, S.C. — “It truly is a Christmas miracle,” said Brandy O’Hea after receiving word that their Home Owner’s Association was backing down and allowing their family’s Christmas decorations to stay on the common ground for everyone to see.

Last week, the O’Hea family was fined $25 and told that they need to have a “reasonable number of holiday and religious lights” from their HOA, WCIV reported.

Then the HOA sent another letter, through a law firm, that some of the decorations are on common ground, so they must be removed.

On Thursday, after pushback from neighbors and a huge outpouring of support, the decorations and the lights can stay.

According to Mike O’Hea, the HOA and the attorney for the HOA board told the family that they can use the common area in front of their home for the rest of the holiday season for their incredible light and Christmas display.

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Original story: ‘It’s about the kids’: HOA tells SC man to take down some Christmas decorations

A South Carolina man said his Home Owner’s Association is being a real “Grinch” -- it sent him a letter telling him to take down parts of his holiday display or face legal action.

Mike O’Hea is really into Christmas, according to WCIV. His Dorchester County home is filled with lights, animals and even a mailbox where children can leave their letters to Santa.

Last week, he got an ultimatum from his HOA telling him some of his decorations are in the “common area,” which is a violation of the rules.

O’Hea said he was heartbroken.

“Just to have kids come every night, a kid with brain cancer or kids with autism. We are not doing anything to hurt anybody. We are just trying to add to it,” O’Hea said. “It’s not about me. It’s about the kids.”

O’Hea had until Friday to take down the display from the common area.

His neighbors have raised nearly $400 to help cover his fines.