Homeowner says three appliances had problems, home warranty company wouldn’t cover any

CONCORD, N.C. — Patricia Hannum called her dryer “my pride and my joy and my baby.”

It does have an unusual design. “It shimmies. It shakes. It does everything,” she told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke.

Or at least it did. “It quit tumbling,” she said.

Hannum says her freezer stopped working too and she lost hundreds of dollars in food.

And maybe worst of all, she says her air conditioning died in the height of summer.

All three appliances failed around the same time.

“This is more than crazy,” she said. “It’s just absurd.”

Hannum says she filed claims for all three with her home warranty company, AHW Home Warranty, but it told her no.

“Angry. I’m disappointed. I’m angry,” she said.

Hannum says she didn’t pay to fix her freezer or dryer. She figured she’d go without them. “I’ve had to use a laundromat several times at $12-$14 a pop,” she said.

But she needed her A/C in the summer heat, so she says she shelled out $250 to get it going again, which was exactly what she was trying to avoid by having a home warranty in the first place.

It’s still a mystery to her why the company denied her claims.

Action 9′s advice no matter what home warranty company you’re using or considering:

- Do your homework. Read reviews and search Action 9 stories online.

- Read the fine print -- know exactly what it covers, how much it’ll pay, and what not to do (so you don’t void the policy).

- Research the contractor the home warranty company plans to send out. Make sure it’s one you trust. It’s OK to request someone else.

Stoogenke tried to get in touch with AHW Home Warranty multiple times in several ways since the end of August to find anyone who could explain why the company denied Hannum. No one responded in time for this report.

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