16-year-old charged in deadly north Charlotte shooting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A teenager is in custody after a man was shot to death Monday afternoon along Feldbank Drive near Beatties Ford Road in north Charlotte.

Tamerrian Anthony, 16, was charged with the killing of Demario Ericson Roddey, 24.

Police said an argument between the victim and the alleged shooter led to the deadly encounter.

Monday’s slaying was the latest in a series of killings that involve teens.

Last month, Channel 9 reported that four teens were charged with robbing and killing a mother who was trying to get to work on Barrington Drive in east Charlotte.

Three more teens were also charged with murder last month, arrested in connection with another robbery on Wembley Drive in east Charlotte.

One of those suspects is also accused of taking a gun to Garinger High School before he was arrested.

A neighbor who witnessed Monday’s shooting said she helplessly watched as her friend was shot by Anthony, who was barely old enough to drive.

“They shot him like point blank,” she said. “Just right there. The only thing I could do was run from my front porch all the way down there.”

Within the past month, there have been a total of eight teenagers charged with three murders.

In North Carolina, anyone 16 years old or older is tried as an adult.