• Voters approve nearly $1 billion CMS bond package

    By: Elsa Gillis


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A vote for a nearly $1 billion bond referendum for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools passed Tuesday night.

    [LINK: CMS Bond Information]

    The bond package, $922 million, will build 10 new schools and replace seven schools, as well as pay for improvements at a dozen other schools.

    Early-voting numbers showed that 72.6 percent were in support of the bond.

    Ahead of Election Day, Channel 9 checked on the progress of a bond package voters approved four years ago.

    Renaissance West STEM Academy was built to alleviate overcrowding at Berryhill and Reid Park. It was one of 17 projects on the 2013 bond list.

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    Voters approved $295 million but Channel 9 found that roughly half of the projects -- nine -- are not finished. The last one should be complete by 2020.

    Leaders overseeing the projects said CMS works with the county to prioritize and schedule projects based on when the county can send bond payments.

    “One of the things important to remember is we don't get the infusion of all those dollars at once,” said Latarzja Henry with CMS Community Partnerships and Family Engagement.

    Just like in 2013, the majority of the projects in this year's bond package are to help ease overcrowding. Last week, Channel 9 reported that some of the district's own teachers plan to vote against the bond.

    Former educator Judy Kidd with The Classroom Teachers Association told Channel 9 that it boils down to trust. Some teachers feel certain improvements are the result of under-the-table deals, while others are disappointed over the outcome of Student Assignment.

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