• Hurricane seasons getting longer, stronger along SC coast, scientist says


    SOUTH CAROLINA - Scientists say hurricane season is getting longer and the storms are getting stronger each time. 

    [SPECIAL SECTION: Tracking the tropics]

    The coast of South Carolina has seen three destructive hurricanes in three years -- Matthew, Irma, and Florence. 

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    Dr. Lee Lindler from the College of Charleston has been researching storms for 30 years. He says he believes a variety of modern factors like rising sea temperatures are cause for concern. 

    "If wind shear and all the other parameters stay the same, then you would definitely expect to see a significant increase in the number of days you have intense hurricanes," Lindler said. 

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    Lindler says it is impossible to predict what the 2019 hurricane season will look like, but he suggests you and your family get prepared now. 

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