Hygge Coworking adding a location in east Charlotte

CHARLOTTE — Hygge Coworking is coming to Charlotte’s Belmont neighborhood.

Effective May 1, Hygge will acquire Advent Coworking for an undisclosed price — adding a fifth location to its footprint. The 28,000-square-foot space, at 933 Louise Ave., houses 84 private offices, five meeting rooms, a yoga studio and an event space. The Advent acquisition will bring Hygge up to roughly 900 members and add two employees.

Hygge founder Garrett Tichy and Kevin Giriunas, founder of Advent, have been friendly competitors since launching their coworking businesses in 2015. Since then, both have been mainstays in the local coworking space, offering an alternative to the national players.

“This one’s big,” Tichy said. “I’ve always wanted to be on the east side, but it’s just never been palpable. The real estate market is tight and expensive.”

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