I-77 Express will track how many people are in your car when using HOV lanes

CHARLOTTE — A new system on Interstate 77 will now track the number of people in your car when you’re using HOV lanes.

I-77 Mobility Partners announced it will activate its occupancy detection system on April 12 to help ensure customers are using the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV3+) discount appropriately.

The system uses cameras to verify the number of people in a vehicle declaring HOV3+ status. Officials said facial images captured will be censored for privacy purposes.

Vehicles with three or more occupants can travel for free by declaring HOV3+ status to receive a full discount from tolls using a switchable NC Quick Pass transponder with the HOV3+ feature activated or declaring HOV3+ status through the NC Quick Pass app no less than 15 minutes before travelling on I-77 Express.

Before every trip on I-77 Express, officials said drivers should ensure their vehicles’ occupancy declaration accurately reflects the number of current passengers.

According to I-77 Mobility Partners, inaccurate or improper use of HOV3+ status can reduce toll lane capacity and inflate dynamic toll pricing, unfairly increasing tolls for other vehicles in the express lanes.

The system will help make sure tolls are charged fairly for travel on I-77 Express.

Additional signage has been installed near the express lanes to remind drivers that the proper use of I-77 Express is enforced by cameras.