‘I felt had’: Charlotte mom owed hundreds by phone company after son’s death

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte mother turned to Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke when a phone company owed her hundreds of dollars following her son’s death.

Nettie Johnson’s son was in his fifties when he developed health issues and passed away last year.

Johnson said she was wrapping up his affairs when she found out Verizon owed him more than $500. She told Action 9 she had trouble getting the funds back.

“This has been a long journey,” she said.

Johnson said she kept got the runaround for about a year.

“I felt had. I felt had. It was not the money. It was the principle that made me so angry, because they kept sending me around the bush,” she said.

Feeling out of options, Johnson emailed Action 9. After we communicated with Verizon, the company sent her the money in less than a month.

“Relieved. Relieved. Some of the frustration was so much better,” she told Stoogenke. “I had tried everything I knew. I knew Action 9 could do the job. I just knew you could do it.”

In an email to Channel 9, Verizon said it resolved the request.

“We’ve followed up with the customer with updates, and reached a satisfactory resolution to deliver the full refund. Because of privacy laws, we won’t be able to elaborate on specifics,” the company said.

If you have a problem with your cell phone company Action 9 has these tips:

  • Be persistent
  • Keep good records
  • If you don’t get anywhere, you can complain to government agencies. At the state level to the attorney general’s office or at the federal level to the FCC and the FTC. When all else fails, you can contact Action 9.

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