‘I made it’: Lancaster mom shares journey of surviving childbirth with COVID-19

LANCASTER, S.C. — A Lancaster mother is sharing her victorious fight through COVID-19.

Talashea Foster tested positive for the virus 35 weeks into her pregnancy. She had an emergency C-section on July 30 and gave birth to a healthy baby boy who was free of COVID-19.

Afterward, Foster spent 88 days in the hospital and in rehab -- more than half those days were spent connected to a ventilator.

“At one point, the pulmonologist actually reached out and recommended palliative -- hospice -- care,” said Foster’s mother Francis Mickles.

Mickles said she was shaken by that news and turned to her friend Patience Montgomery for support.

“I just began to pray ‘Father in the name of Jesus,’” Montgomery said. “‘I declare by faith her lungs open, they function properly, as you ordain this body to function. I command every sickness, disease, anything that’s not like you to exit this body in Jesus’ name.’ I just took authority and trusted God to do it, and I believe by faith, He answered our prayers.”

Montgomery said the day after she began to pray for Foster, they got a call that she was doing better, and her condition has continued to improve ever since.

After leaving the hospital for rehab, Foster was finally able to go home and hold her baby, Tamyus Coffey.

“At times I get a little sad because of what I went through,” Foster said. “But I have to look at that -- I’m still here -- so I shouldn’t be sad or anything, because some people didn’t make it with COVID and being pregnant -- and I made it.”

Foster said she’s thankful for a full recovery and is adjusting to new life with her baby.

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