Mom who gave birth days after contracting COVID-19 awake, responsive after coma

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. — A local mother who gave birth just days after testing positive for COVID-19 is awake and responsive after a coma.

Cierra Chubb tested positive for the virus at 37 weeks pregnant. She was put into a medically-induced coma with a ventilator.

On Tuesday, Cierra’s husband, Jamal Chubb posted an update on his social media saying Cierra was awake and even smiling. Once her breathing improves, she can be removed from the ventilator too.

“God has truly done a miracle here,” Jamal said.

Cierra and her husband live in Lancaster with their children.

“Cierra loves to laugh, she loves to laugh,” Jamal said. “Loves her kids to death. Cierra believes in grace and forgiveness, probably like nobody I’ve seen.”

A local mother who gave birth days after testing positive for COVID-19 is in the hospital fighting for her life.

Jamal told Channel 9 that their two young children started experiencing some COVID-19 symptoms a few weeks before his wife did, but quickly recovered. That’s when Cierra started showing mild symptoms, which grew more serious.

On her 33rd birthday, she was admitted into the hospital and soon after, their unborn baby, Myles, started showing signs of distress.

“They had to put Cierra on anesthesia and give her a tube and deliver Myles,” Jamal said.

Jamal was able to spend a day-and-a-half with his wife and their newborn son in the hospital before being sent home.

Myles, who does not have the virus, is now at home with Jamal, but Cierra’s condition worsened and she remains in the hospital.

“This was the first time I, in our 12 years of marriage and three kids, that I’ve ever had to ride in a car and pick up a baby that’s ours, and Cierra not be in the backseat making sure he was OK,” Jamal said.

Cierra planned to get vaccinated after giving birth because she was unsure how the shot would impact Myles.

“They say only 2 percent of people in our nation die from COVID-19, but 2 percent is 100 percent of somebody’s world and it looks like our world could be changed forever -- even if she gets better, even when she gets better,” Jamal said. “So, for me, I would say to people out there, weigh the risk.”

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