‘I wasn’t expecting this’: Charlotte woman’s family celebrates her 90th birthday in special way

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Saturday was a big day for one special woman in Charlotte. She just turned 90 years old.

Nancy Forte was surrounded by her family as they drove to her home and had a drive-by birthday party for her.

She told Channel 9 that she’s grateful to see another year of life in the midst of a pandemic.

“I’m getting a lot of love today. I’m glad to be living. 90 years old. Good to see 90,” Forte said. “I’m thankful, too, and all these people come down showing me love, love, love. So I’ve got something to be thankful for. Thank God for that. I feel good, I feel good.”

Forte has nine children and more than 100 grandchildren, many of whom were there to help celebrate her big day.

With Forte at 90 years old, her family is thankful for her good health and strong faith.

“There’s an angel watching over my mama, I know it,” one of her children said.

And even though events may be different these days, the celebration of her life is still quite the party.