If you think November has been colder and rainier than usual, you’re right

Our cold, rainy weather this week has it feeling a lot more like winter in the Carolinas.

We’re seeing the coldest temperatures of the season this week, even after reaching the 80s last week. After that incredibly warm start to the month, cold air is now settling in for the second half.

The coldest morning we’ve had so far this season was on Monday, where temps dipped to 29 degrees in the morning and 52 in the evening. Highs Tuesday are only expected to reach 44 degrees -- even cooler than Monday’s and the coldest day this year since Feb. 7.

The temperatures we’ll see Tuesday will be about 20 degrees colder than normal, and are more typical for January than they are for November.

The cold isn’t the only major change we’ve seen in the weather pattern this month -- November has been much wetter than October.

Already, we have more than doubled October’s rainfall. So far we have had 2.16 inches, compared to 0.71 inches in October.

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