Increase in travel puts pressure on airlines during holiday weekend

CHARLOTTE — More than 40 million Americans are expected to travel during the Fourth of July weekend.

Charlotte Douglas told Channel 9 reporter Glenn Counts that the number of passengers at the airport may have topped pre-pandemic levels.

The airport said weather issues and staffing problems caused 190 flights to be delayed and 32 to be canceled. The majority of the flights that were canceled were with American Airlines.

Counts spoke with travelers about what precautions they are taking to make sure they arrive at their destinations.

A few passengers told Count that they arrived at the airport early hoping to avoid any problems.

“My flight leaves at 9:15 p.m. I heard the airports are gonna be crowded, and it’s the only flight out and I wasn’t sure about the weather and everything else,” passenger Joe Erickson said.

Experts said you can make things easier on yourself by checking your flights and parking availability before you arrive at the airport.

You are also encouraged to arrive early.

(WATCH BELOW: As airports see more delays, cancellations, TSA screens record number of passengers)