IRS urges taxpayers to file, despite possible changes to child tax credit

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service is urging taxpayers to file early this season, despite a chance that lawmakers could vote on a change to the child tax credit.

Congress was negotiating a $78 billion tax package on Wednesday that would boost the child tax credit for some. The changes would be retroactive, coming about six weeks after any decisions are made on Capitol Hill.

A tax expert who spoke with Channel 9 said there’s a lot of bad advice on the internet, but his advice is to listen to the IRS and file now.

“There can be no bigger mistake than waiting to file your taxes,” said Mark Steber, the chief tax information officer at Jackson Hewitt. “For some, maybe legislation. That might or might not pass. That may or may not even impact you. And if it does, it may not be that big.

“And even if it does impact you and it does pass, the IRS has already made it very clear they will handle it on the back end.”

>> Channel 9′s Madison Carter has more information in the video at the top of the page.

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Madison Carter

Madison Carter, wsoctv.com

Madison is an investigative reporter and anchor for Channel 9.

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