‘It always looks dirty’: Homeowners complain about windows in fairly new neighborhood

INDIAN LAND, S.C. — Some homeowners in a fairly new neighborhood in Indian Land say their windows have a problem and they don’t know why. Residents in Queensbridge say their windows get foggy, cloudy, or misty.

Bill Lane says it started his first year in the house. “It always looks dirty,” he told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “I owned a number of houses. I’ve never had a window go like this.”

Susan Longfield says her issue started about three or four years after moving in. “Then it started to get cloudy. Same with the other two,” she told Stoogenke. “It looked like you had just taken a shower, it had just rained outside. There was a lot of moisture in between.”

Residents say Pulte built the homes and that Ply Gem made the windows.

Longfield says Ply Gem replaced the glass, but that she still had to pay for the installation. “(You) figure that a new house is going to be OK. That’s the bottom line really,” she said.

Lane says Pulte replaced his cloudy windows early on, but that he hasn’t asked about the ones that are foggy now. “When it happened again, and then I’m seeing other windows in the neighborhood, I started questioning it,” Lane said.

The homeowners want to know why it’s happening and whether people in other neighborhoods are having the same issue.

Stoogenke tried to get in touch with both Pulte and Ply Gem multiple times over several weeks. He exchanged texts with a Pulte representative, but that person didn’t answer his questions in time for this report. Ply Gem didn’t reply in time for this report either.

Homeowners who have this problem can always file complaints with their state consumer agencies — the North Carolina Attorney General’s office or the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs. They can also talk to a lawyer if they feel it’s worth it.

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