It’s been 31 years since major snowstorm wreaked havoc on the Carolinas

A major snowstorm hit the Carolinas 31 years ago this week, leaving many digging their way out of their homes.

The 1993 Superstorm hit the North Carolina High County hard, tapering off before it hit the metro area.

Mount Mitchell saw 50 inches of snow. Eleven inches fell in Morganton and Charlotte only got 2 inches. In higher elevations along the North Carolina-Tennessee border, up to 56 inches of snow fell.

The Superstorm contributed to 28 deaths in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. It caused an estimated $390.7 million in damage across all three states.

The storm resulted in 208 deaths across the country.

At one point, every major airport on the East Coast was forced to close because of the storm. It knocked power out for tens of thousands of people. National Guard members also dropped food and medicine to hundreds of people stuck in their homes.

It hasn’t snowed in the Charlotte region for more than two years now, and we’re not getting it any time soon.

(WATCH BELOW: Snow falls along Blue Ridge Parkway)