’It’s time’: SC Gov. McMaster issues statewide ‘home-or-work’ order

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina’s governor on Monday announced a new executive order, a “home-or-work” mandate, that will require all South Carolinians to stay at home or at work unless visiting family, exercising, or obtaining essential goods or services.


“There have been too many people are on the roads, on the waters, in the stores, and not practicing social distancing as we’ve asked,” McMaster said. “It’s time.”


McMaster said no additional businesses will be closed, but the stores that will remain open are mandated to limit customers to no more than five customers per every 1,000 square-feet, or 20% capacity as determined by the fire marshal.

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McMaster said violating the executive order can result in 30 days in jail or a fine of $100 per each day a violation occurs.

The new order goes into effect on Tuesday.

As indicated in the executive order, permitted travel includes commuting for work, visiting family, and obtaining essential goods or services. The order will not impact any individual’s ability to exercise outdoors or go for a walk as a family, but everyone should act responsibly and practice social distancing and proper personal hygiene.

“As we have said before – when the science, data, facts and experts determine it’s time to take action, it would be taken. It’s time,” said McMaster. “Taking this measure now will hopefully slow the future rise in infections and the virus’ toll on our state’s economy.”

The governor did not ban Easter Sunday services but encouraged churches to stream them online, which most are doing, or hold them outside and practice social distancing.

Gun shops are still open. The governor said that’s a Second Amendment right that he would not infringe on.

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