Ivanka Trump visits Mooresville, thanks firefighters who helped with Florence

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Ivanka Trump visited Mooresville on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump's daughter and senior adviser stopped at the NASCAR Technical Institute.

"The real reason we're here today is to talk about how we can ensure that this roaring economy works for all Americans, and how we can close the skill gap that has been growing in this country for many decades," Trump said.

After touring one of the classrooms and trying out some of the equipment, she sat down with racing professionals, local representatives and students.

She touted the president’s “National Council for the American Worker,” a push to train and re-train workers needed for high demand industries.

"How we ensure that the next generation of America's workforce is equipped with the skills that are in demand and position us to thrive," Trump said.

She then met with members of the Mooresville Fire Department’s search and rescue team who were part of swift water-rescue missions during Hurricane Florence.

"We were able to evacuate over 55 folks and some animals. No one was injured," Mooresville Fire and Rescue Chief Curt Deaton said.

Trump didn’t address the media, but the chief said she thanked them for their service and asked questions before heading to the coast herself.

"It makes us feel great about what we did for the folks at the coast during Hurricane Florence. I think everybody was all hands on deck, federal teams, state teams, local teams, and it's a true test to what North Carolina does,” Deaton said.

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