Judge overturns city’s denial of northwest Charlotte landfill

CHARLOTTE — Northwest Charlotte neighbors are worried and outraged after a Mecklenburg County Superior Court judge overturned the city’s UDO Board of Adjustment decision that blocked a proposed landfill.

The landfill could be built off Kelly Road, between Oakdale and Pleasant Grove roads in Oakdale North.

Last summer, the city’s UDO Board of Adjustment (BOA) voted to deny a street access variance request for the proposed land clearing and inert debris landfill. The denial effectively blocked the project. The landowners, Sanders Partnership and Dew Green, filed a lawsuit over the BOA’s decision, unbeknownst to neighbors.

The landowners successfully argued in court and on Feb. 14, Judge Peter Knight ordered the BOA to grant and issue the requested variance on or before Feb. 29. The BOA is scheduled to meet Tuesday. Councilman James Mitchell said the city attorney’s office plans to appeal.

“They’re going to put a dump here and move out of town and leave their neighbors with a dump,” resident Daniel Campbell said.

Campbell and his wife have been leading the fight against it and earned the backing of numerous city and county leaders, including Mitchell and Arthur Griffin.

They did not find out about the lawsuit and the BOA order until this week and are concerned they weren’t sufficiently represented in the fight.

“We’re just extremely at a loss for words shocked, disappointed. We thought the city was there to protect us and to uphold the victory,” Campbell said. “We feel like nobody is here to support us. Nobody’s here to represent what we believe to be right.”

Campbell is hoping the city will appeal the decision.

A spokesperson for the city of Charlotte did not return a request for comment.

VIDEO: Proposal for landfill has northwest Charlotte community concerned