• Lawmaker looks to totally remove Silent Sam statue from UNC campus

    By: Gina Esposito


    CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - There's a new push to remove the controversial Silent Sam statue from UNC-Chapel Hill's campus altogether.

    State law currently prevents the school from removing it from campus grounds, but the new bill could change that.

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    Rep. Kelly Alexander, D- Mecklenburg County, filed House Bill 20 Monday. If passed, the bill would allow the university's chancellor to remove it and relocate it to a cemetery for Confederate soldiers. It said the statue would be in the custody of the Department of Natural and Culture Resources and that the Board of Governors won't be able to move the statue anywhere but to a Confederate cemetery in North Carolina.

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    On Twitter, Rep. Alexander wrote, “As a graduate of Carolina, I felt it was important for me to support the students, faculty, support staff and administrators who felt that Silent Sam, a symbol of white supremacy, should be removed from campus. I filed (House Bill 20) and invite you to support its passage."

    He also tweeted, "Some people feel that the disposition of Silent Sam should be left to the Board of Governors. I say they have had months with no action. (House Bill 20) settles the issue. Put Sam in a Confederate graveyard where white supremacy belongs."

    Last August, student protesters toppled the statue during a rally because they believe it was a symbol of racist heritage. The statue was put back in place, then in December, it was ordered to be removed again by the school's former chancellor.

    The UNC Board of Governors also rejected a plan to build a $5 million building to house the statue.

    The statewide Board of Governors passed a resolution in December to have several of its members work on a new plan that's due in March.

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