Lifesaving technique: Boy Scout saves father from choking on food

CORNELIUS, N.C. — A 1st Class Boy Scout from Cornelius saved his father who was choking while eating brunch.

The Boy Scouts taught Evan Killion, 14, lifesaving techniques, such as the Heimlich maneuver.

“I did it in a first aid class at summer camp, and it was a two-minute class on how to do it, and it stuck with me,” Evan Killion said.

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Mark Killion went unconscious while eating last weekend during their weekly brunch.

“I was eating away, coughed a little bit and aspirated a piece of the food I was eating,” Mark Killion said. “Down I went. I was surprised by how quickly it happened.”

“He just fell down and he was, it was kind of obvious he was choking,” Evan Killion said. “I just did what I learned in Boy Scouts and did the Heimlich.”

Mark Killion is the troop’s adult assistant and is grateful his son took the training seriously.

“This is an important thing to know about,” the father said. “It could help somebody else who might get some training that they might not have otherwise had.”

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The National Safety Council recommends seeing a doctor after receiving the Heimlich maneuver. The procedure should not be performed on babies younger than one year old.

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