Local nonprofit hosts events highlighting work of volunteers

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte-based nonprofit, Apparo, announced its first-ever Charlotte Volunteer Week, running from Sept. 25 through 29.

The group specialized in skills-based volunteering in the field of technology. The goal of skill-based volunteering is to bring together experience and resources from both corporate and nonprofit organizations to help find sustainable solutions for groups that may not have access to the same resources.

Celebrating the success of this volunteer approach and the 20th anniversary of Apparo, Charlotte Skilled Volunteer Week will have multiple events showcasing the work of thousands of volunteers throughout the area.

“Skills-based volunteering is innovative because it allows employees to leverage their workplace skills to help nonprofits solve problems that slow down their ability to fulfill their missions,” said Kim Lanphear, CEO of Apparo. “We’re excited to celebrate our skilled volunteers who give back and make a difference with their talents.”

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