Organization partners with CMS school to resume successful after-school tutoring

CHARLOTTE — A local organization is partnering with a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools elementary school to resume a tutoring program that’s seen success for five years and counting.

In the carpool line after class, students at Walter G. Byers Elementary School are sent home packed into their parents’ cars with care and encouragement. But soon, 100 children will begin staying after school for a tutoring program sponsored by the Charlotte Post Foundation.

“So The Charlotte Post has allowed us to select our best teachers,” Principal Anthony Calloway said. “A lot of people come in and they want to bring tutors in. Charlotte Post told us to pick our best teachers and give them extended time with scholars.”

Principal Anthony Calloway says extra pay for educators is covered for up to two hours each day.

The program has been going on for five years with impressive results.

“We have about 30 to 40% of our scholars that attend the after-school program who have made two or more year gains,” Calloway said. “And then we probably have about another 20% that reach proficiency and year two or three. So that has been a big benefit for us.”

Seventh-grader Raven Christian says the extra attention really helped her with math.

“Yeah, I struggle with fractions. It’s like, I don’t know why, it’s just really hard for me,” Christian said. “So when she explained it in deeper understanding, it was easier for me to understand because in class, the lesson goes too fast and I don’t understand what they are saying.”

Now, with the program set to start up again for the first time since the pandemic, the school district is chipping in and enhancing it even more.

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“This year, we’re able to combine it with some funding from CMS to make sure that the scholars receive bussing as well,” Calloway said. “So the scholars that are involved in after-school tutoring will be bussed home. And I think that is a big, big help.”

It’s a team effort, with extra support from the community to make sure children succeed.

“The scholars that are involved in the Charlotte Post After School Tutoring Program, the longer they stay the closer they get to proficiency,” Calloway said. “But every year all our kids are growing. And that is a big thanks to the Charlotte Post.”

Local organization honors Charlotte graduate on mission to reform health care

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Each year, The Charlotte Post Foundation partners with school districts to recognize the area’s top African-American high school seniors. The organization awards scholarships to the two top seniors per district, and Myla Hudson is one of them.

“Her spirit is infectious. She makes you want to be better, and I think that’s the one thing that we all need from a good leader,” said Hudson’s former advisor, Darril Marshall.

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