Local organization works to make Charlotte accessible for people of all abilities

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Despite Charlotte’s continued growth, people with disabilities still have challenges enjoying all that the Queen City has to offer. From restaurants to coffee shops, the city isn’t as easy to navigate as it may seem.

Xuan Truong knows that firsthand.

“It’s really frustrating. But, if I get mad it’s still going to be the same result so I try to take it as it happens,” Truong said.

A new study from Wallet Hub ranks Charlotte as one of the worst cities for people with disabilities.

And now Truong is lending her voice to GO CLT to change that.

GO CLT is an organization Lyn Kim started to increase the number of accessible places for people of all abilities in the Queen City. She received a $5,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to create mobile ramps, like the one she made for an uptown cupcake shop.

“The ADA, a lot of people think it’s a building code, but it’s actually a civil rights law,” Kim said.

She said ADA regulations that require ramps or other means of access are oftentimes not enforced. She wants this project to be proactive instead of reactive.

Kim is now working on another ramp for Not Just Coffee in uptown.

“We already have the measurements taken. They’re just building it out, so in the next week or two, we’ll have it out here. I’m really excited,” said store manager Jake Morgan.

The coffee shop said it’s an important step to include people from all walks of life. And, that’s a gesture Truong doesn’t take lightly.

“We just want to have the same opportunities as everyone else and we just want to be treated with dignity,” she said.

GO CLT has funding for about 20 additional ramps. You can apply here.

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