‘Loud flash bang’: Another homeowner says Samsung stove caught fire

CHARLOTTE — Don Abernathy admits his Samsung electric oven was on the older side -- about 10 years old -- but he still didn’t expect this.

“There was a loud flash bang,” he said. “It was very loud.” Abernathy says then he “saw flames coming out the back of the oven.”

He says he put them out, took off the back panel, and saw burn marks.

“I consider myself lucky,” he said.

This is very similar to what Jessica Rose told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke in 2022. “I heard a loud pop, like flash bang pop,” she said back then. “Orange fire shot out.”

Rose also had a Samsung electric stove. Hers was nine years old at the time.

She blamed the appliance, but Samsung blamed her electrical outlet. However, the company did end up offering her more than $700 after Action 9 got involved.

Stoogenke found multiple complaints about this issue with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and a Samsung community forum website. Other people also describe loud pops, flames, and blackened wires in the control panel.

There hasn’t been a recall. “That was pretty alarming,” Abernathy said. “I don’t know what the real issue is.”

Samsung emailed Stoogenke that it “takes customer safety very seriously” and that it stands behind the quality of its products. It went on to say it did not “have the opportunity to inspect” Abernathy’s appliance, so it couldn’t “determine the true cause” of what happened.

No matter what brand you own:

- It may be hard to spot red flags but pay close attention if the displays flicker or you hear clicking sounds.

- Always unplug your stove if you’re inspecting it.

- If you have a fire, don’t get rid of the appliance until the company has had a chance to learn from it.

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