Man remains in hospital after Epicentre stabbing

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A man was stabbed on April 21 outside the Epicentre and is still in the hospital recovering.

The stabbing happened around 1 a.m. on the sidewalk along College Street.

Officers had to put crime scene tape up around the area to keep crowds back as hundreds of people were still in uptown after the weekly "Alive After Five" event.

Lisha Weck told Channel 9 her boyfriend, Silas Stanley, is still in the hospital.

“He's talking and awake but he's not mobile on his left side,” Weck said.

Weck said he had never seen the attacker before in his life.

“Someone ran up behind him and said, ‘Boom’ and was hitting him in the back of the neck,

then he fell to the ground and he felt the blood,” Weck said.

Alex Galarza-Nieves, 35, a homeless man, was later arrested.

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