Man stole Audi, crashed it into Cleveland Mall to steal merchandise, police say

SHELBY, N.C. — A man is accused of stealing a car and crashing it into the Cleveland Mall in order to steal merchandise.

According to Shelby police, the suspect, Travis Tuder, stole an Audi from A Plus Automotive in Cleveland County.

The dealership’s owner said Tuder parked his personal car nearby and used another car from the lot to bust open the gate. He then hopped into the Audi and immediately drove over to the mall and crashed through the glass doors at the entrance.

The mall was closed on Wednesday, with a board covering the entire entrance.

A police report said mall representatives watched security cameras as the Audi sedan drove into the mall and through the glass doors at Hibbert Sports. Police said Tuder got out and was back in the car a couple of minutes later, crashing into the gate at Kay Jewelers.

Video cameras inside the jewelry store captured Tuder smashing glass cases. Police said he got back in the Audi and backed out of the mall, leaving with more than $100,000 in stolen items.

Tuder was gone by the time police arrived, but officers stopped the Audi near his personal car.

Police said they believe Tuder was going to move the stolen items to his car and leave undetected, but he was stalled trying to find his car keys.

Authorities said Tuder confessed to the crime. He is in jail with no bond.

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